Case study: A Successful Standard Visitor Visa Application

Visitor Visa

The client was a Colombian national residing in Germany and working as a self-employed freelance consultant. As part of his consulting work, the client was invited to the UK to conduct meetings with a company based in England on a periodical basis.

The client approached NA Law Solicitors for advice on how to obtain a Standard Visitor Visa which would permit him to attend and conduct meetings with the company without it amounting to the restricted activity under the Immigration Rules.

The Standard Visitor visa, which replaced the Business Visitor Visa, permits you to conduct
business activities subject to relevant conditions. It also allows you to represent a foreign business in the UK for a period of up to six months. Because the client had to visit the UK regularly over a longer
period, we applied for a two year Standard Visitor visa.

The most important requirement that the client had to satisfy was the genuine visitor.
The Home Office must be satisfied that:

  •  The applicant will leave the UK at the end of their visit
  • Is genuinely seeking entry for a purpose that is permitted
  • Will not undertake any prohibited activities
  • Must have sufficient funds to cover all costs in relation to their visit

With refusal rates for UK Visitor Visa being high and with there being no set documents list, we
tailored our advice based on the client’s immigration history and objective, identifying what
documents would best suit the particular visa criteria to ensure the client has a strong case.

We gathered documentation that would demonstrate that the client’s business visit to the UK
would not amount as a restricted activity, that he had sufficient money to cover his expenses
and that he has significant ties to Germany as evidence that he will leave the UK at the end of
the visit.
Our immigration team ensured that the documents provided would comply with the UK the client’s
country of residence regulations, and prepared comprehensive legal representations describing
the client’s background, education, work and history of compliance with immigration conditions
as further evidence that the client is a genuine business visitor.

How NA Law can help you achieve a successful Standard Visitor visa application

With visas getting refused for even a small error, it is essential that you provide an extensive
and accurate documentation to support your case.

At NA Law we aim to provide a tailored, high quality and time-efficient service to ensure
applications are made with the highest possible chances of success.
One of NA Law’s many strengths is customer satisfaction – but you do not have to take our
word for it. Instead, you can see for yourself through our top quality reviews.
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