Case study: A Successful Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Application

Successful permitted paid engagement How NA Law achieved a successful permitted paid engagement (PPE) application

The client approached us with an urgent request to visit the UK from the US on a PPE to carry out a workshop in a famous central London museum.

She had previously worked with Apple, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Disney and L’Oreal amongst many other internationally recognised brands. However, this meant that she travelled frequently for work purposes and had a complex residence situation.

As there is no set documents list, we had to include documents we felt would fit the specific requirements of the visa in a short amount of time. We packaged the application in a way which reflected her suitability for it despite her somewhat problematic living situation that usually would have restricted her from making the application.

Moreover, we encountered technical difficulties with the Home Office’s commercial partner and this briefly complicated matters for both ourselves and the client, who feared this may invalidate her application.

However, we liaised extensively with the commercial partner to book the client’s appointment and managed to obtain a suitable date to submit all supporting documentation.

The client was able to travel to the UK without any further hindrances and successfully carried out her workshop. She was very satisfied with the result despite acknowledging her complex travel history and is eager to use our services again for future PPEs. As the client is now familiar with the requirements explained by NA Law, she feels more confident at the prospect of meeting the rules.

How can NA Law help with achieving a successful permitted paid engagement (PPE) application?

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