British Citizenship and The Right of Abode

The review of Home Office policy on child registration by discretion 

Five settled judicial review claims brought by teenagers, represented by the Project for the Registration of children as British Citizens (PRBC), have been a significant turning point for the review of the current legislation, namely s.3(1) of the British Nationality Act 1981 and the current practice of the Home Office. Teenagers who have been in the UK since their early years have consequently been refused registration as British citizens under s.3(1). Due to this, and as the matter is in the process of being reviewed, the Home Office will hold back on refusing registration of British citizens at their discretion. 

The further action that is being taken has raised the awareness of the importance of young children who have lived most of their lives in the UK and have grown into such an environment, to obtain British citizenship, as well as the effect which refusal may have on them in their present and future circumstances. Furthermore, if reviewed correctly and fairly, the Home Office will carefully consider the future decisions they will take in refusing young people British citizenship, which will subsequently reduce further judicial review claims.

This determination by the PRBC has allowed the continuous observation of the Home Office’s policy and decisions being taken on young people’s right of citizenship, and ultimately ensuring that fair practice is being applied in a consistent and equitable manner.

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