Brexit and permanent residence in the UK

Brexit and permanent residence in the UKJan 2019 – immediate actions Europeans should take during the chaos of Brexit

Brexit and permanent residence in the UK

It is nothing new to state that Brexit has caused uncertainty for the UK’s future for the last two years, but perhaps one of the most loaded questions has been about the status and future of the 3 million Europeans living in the UK. As May’s Brexit deal has been heavily rejected, nobody now knows what the future of Brexit holds – some claim there may not even be a Brexit whilst others are hoping for renegotiation for a better deal.

As specialists in immigration law, NA Law advises current European residents in the UK to regularise their stay by applying for permanent residence – this way, regardless of the outcome of Brexit, they will be safely protected by a solid immigration status.

In the scenario that Brexit does continue, those that have permanent residence already, or will have permanent residence by the time the UK fully leaves the EU, can apply for settled status; this is claimed to be the UK immigration law’s translation of permanent residence which is claimed to make life easier on those that have already met European regulations on residence.


Applying for permanent residence is straightforward – if you’ve been here for 5 years or more doing one or more of the following:

  • Student
  • Worker
  • Self-sufficient
  • Self-employed
  • Job-seeker

If these conditions apply to you, you can obtain permanent residence and be sure that regardless of what the UK and EU decide, you won’t have to worry about further proving your right to stay in the UK.

If you have any questions about anything raised in this article, or if you would like more information on permanent residence visit this link or contact us and we will strive to help you as much as possible.

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