Administrative review for frontier worker permit

Administrative review is whereby your application for a frontier worker permit has been refused and your refusal letter states that you can apply for your application to be reviewed. 

You should apply for administrative review if you believe that the decision maker failed to or incorrectly applied the Frontier Worker Regulations or the published guidance in relation to the application. There may also be evidence that was not seen by the decision maker which shows that the applicant is a frontier worker.

In order to successfully apply for a review, you must: 

  • Complete the administrative review application form
  • Submit the form within 28 calendar days of the date your decision is sent to you; 
  • Pay the fee of £80; and
  • Provide a valid identity document along with the application (valid passport or a valid national identity card issued by an EEA state).

An application for review can only be made ONCE and you will normally get the outcome of the review within 28 days. 

How NA Law can help

Due to the high rate of failure of Administrative Review applications, it is important that individuals seek prompt legal advice at the outset. NA Law Solicitors are experts in immigration law and will advise you on the most appropriate action to take.

Please contact us to discuss your visa application and the steps we can take to provide a solution if your application has been refused.

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