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20 Year Long Residence


What is a 20 year-long residence20 year

The 20 years long residence is a settlement visa for individuals who have lived in the UK for
over 20 years. Upon successful application, the individual will receive Leave to Remain status.

Following changes to the Immigration Rules, effected from 9 July 2012, the Home Office scrapped the14-year rule and introduces a legal route to permanent residency for those who have lived continuously in the UK for 20 years.

Unlike the 10-year lawful residence rule, successful applicants under the 20-year rule will not receive Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) immediately. The Home Office will grant the applicant discretionary leave and the Applicant will need to accumulate a lawful period of 10 years in the UK. It is only on completion of this 10 year period that the applicant will be eligible to apply for ILR. Moreover, it is important to note that the Home Office will grant a successful applicant with limited Leave to Remain for a period of 30 months, after which the 10 year period takes effect.


The only requirement is that the applicant must prove they have lived in the UK
continuously for 20 years

  •  Continuous residence includes an absence of up to 180 consecutive days within a 12
    month period and a total of 540 days
  • Time spent in a prison, young offenders institution, secure hospital, Ireland, the Isle
    of Man or the Channel Islands is discounted from the continuous residence period

However, the Home Office may reject applications on grounds of validity (e.g. incorrect fee paid) or due
to an applicant’s “suitability” (e.g. may be of “bad character”).

No English or Life in the UK test is required as this is not an ILR application.

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