Our client was a Bulgarian national who was planning to come to the UK as a student for 3 years. She had planned to undertake more courses after her initial degree as she aimed to obtain permanent residence on the basis of being a student after 5 years. Before flying to the UK to begin her degree, she consulted NA Law and instructed us to help her with her fulfill the necessary criteria in order for her to be eligible for permanent residence in 5 years’ time.



As our client informed us of her goals in advance, we were able to advise her well before she became a qualified national; including having the correct form of private medical health insurance that is a prerequisite for student permanent residence applications. Additionally, we advised her to begin saving her documents as she went along her degree as we believed this would save her from having to gather documents 5 years later, when they may be misplaced or damaged.

At the time of making the application, our client submitted her carefully gathered documents with ease and without worry as she knew she had not missed anything due to her early preparation following our advice.  Along with her supporting documents and our thorough letters arguing her eligibility, she successfully obtained a PR card.

Our client was very grateful for our constant guidance during the process of gathering documents over the years and ensuring she had not left out anything crucial for her application. She is now looking forward to making the UK her permanent home and is able to travel to visit her family in friends in Bulgaria without worrying about her immigration status.

If you’d like to apply for permanent residence on the basis of being a student, we can help you do so even if your situation is different to our client’s. For more information, find out how you can apply for permanent residence as a student.

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