Tier 2 Dependent Visa

How to apply for a Tier 2 Dependent Visa

Tier 2 Dependent Visa

Who is eligible to apply as a Tier 2 dependent?

The Tier 2 Dependent Visa can be issued to the spouse, unmarried partner, child under 18 during the application or over 18 if they currently reside in the United Kingdom as a dependent. They are issued to dependents of Tier 2 (General) visa holders.

Applying from outside the UK

An applicant for the Tier 2 Dependent Visa can apply outside of the UK, which is completed online. They will have to provide biometrics at the visa application center as part of the application process. The applicant must then collect a biometric residence permit within 30 days in the UK if the visa is granted.

Applying from inside the UK

If the dependent is already in the UK on a different type of visa, they can apply to switch to the Tier 2 dependent Visa without returning to their country of origin.

The eligibility requirements of a Tier 2 dependent

  • You must qualify as a family member of a Tier 2 migrant; the dependent must not have entered or stayed in the UK illegally in the past.
  • The dependent must not remain in the UK once the Tier 2 Visa holder’s visa expires.
  • If the dependent is a spouse or partner, the couple must be at least 18 years old on arrival or in a 2 year continuous relationship if unmarried.
  • Their relationship must be genuine with both parties planning to live together for their time in the UK.

Eligibility requirements – maintenance

The dependent should have enough money to cover living costs while in the UK. Proof of a bank statement will be necessary to show that the visa holder or dependent has the £630 fee that has been held for at least 90 days before the date of the application.

The application process

The dependent will be expected to provide a series of documents at an interview, where they will be under review. The dependent must also include previous passports to show their prior travel history and as well provide their original birth or marriage certificate, showing the dependent’s relationship to the Tier 2 Visa holder. If the official documents are not in English, they must be fully translated.

TB testing

Evidence of a tuberculosis screening may be required if you are from a country which requires citizens to undergo testing. The list can be found here.

Leave to remain as a Tier 2 dependent

The Tier 2 Dependent Visa in the UK will allow you to work provided you are of the required age and in line with the qualification and skill required for the position. Once approved, the dependent will be able to:

  • travel to and from the UK
  • extend their visa
  • work in the UK
  • study or complete a postgraduate course in the UK.

However, Tier 2 Dependents are unable to become a doctor in training or study in a restricted study field.

Settlement as a Tier 2 dependent

If the dependent wishes to permanently stay in the UK, they will have to apply for indefinite leave to remain. You must be able to prove that you possess a valid Tier 2 Dependent Visa in addition to proof of living in the UK for 2-5 continuous years. If any absences occur during your time in the UK, you must prove with reason your absence while applying for settlement.

How can NA Law help you obtain a Tier 2 Dependent Visa?

As specialists in UK immigration law, we can assist you with this visa route so you can join your loved one in the UK whilst they undertake employment. We will guide you through the entire process, including submission of the application and reviewing the documents to ensure they meet all requirements. In addition, we also advise on the following: